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with sour cream 7,20 Euro

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Pork steak
with spicy sauce, vegetables and crockets
+ 0,3l “Saint-Petersburg“ House beer nur 8,10 Euro

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Meat balls in soft sauce
with French fries + 0,3l “Saint-Petersburg“ House beer 7,10 Euro

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Chicken stew braised
with vegetables in spicy mushroom souse,
rice 7,50 Euro

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with cherry filling + cup of coffee 4,20 Euro

Home Courts Russian kitchen Pelmeni


(Siberian) Pelmeni is in water or Brühe cooked, filled paste bags and is considered as a Russian national court. One eats it either as soup insert or as main court.

To Pelmeni (and many other courts) there is „Smetana “(soot.: сметана), a special kind of sour cream with usually 20% to 40% fat portion, which lies for instance between sour cream and schmant. Pelmeni consist of a paste of flour, salt, water and if necessary eggs. The paste is unrolled like noodle paste. With a Weinglas one stings round surfaces out, into which the filling is put and which like a half-moon is sealed. The filling consists usually of minced meat (pig, cattle, Pute or other kinds of meat, according to data in the russischsprachigen Wikipedia uses one for the classical form a mixture from 45% beef, 35% mutton and 20% pork). Also sweet fillings, e.g. from quark and cherries, are possible strawberries or raisins, a ungesüßte quark filling and a filling from mushrooms, chopped instruction Kohl or Fisch. The paste bags, which contain a filling without meat, are called „Wareniki “(вареники). Pelmeni are not dried for durable making, are not eingefrostet like other Teigwaren, but. Particularly admits is Siberian Pelmeni, which is manufactured in large quantities and to freezing in the winter simply in bags in the free is brought or into the permafrost soil entrenched. Pelmeni are served with zerlassener butter and/or vinegar, with schmant, with mustard, with a mixture from chopped garlic and/or bulbs, vegetable oil, vinegar, salt and pepper or with one of the numerous sauce variants. The Pelmeni was taken over by the finno ugrischen peoples resident in the north of Russia. The word means in such a way which like „Teigöhrchen “in Udmurti. According to other data the Pelmeni was bring along by Turkish Nomaden from north China. Very similar courts are in most countries Eurasiens. They are comparable with the Italian Tortellini or Ravioli, Swabian grumbling ashes or the Chinese Jiaozi and Wan Tan. The Jewish kitchen knows Kreplach, and Mantı are far common in central Asia.



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